Festival participants are serious piano students, typically in their middle-to-late teens, and hail from several states and European countries. Some of them have been Prof. Poddubnaya’s regular students or had met her at master classes and competitions, while others have been referred by their own teachers.

Each student has a daily lesson with Prof. Poddubnaya and ample time for practice. All students perform one or more compositions several times each week at the regular public recitals that have become very popular with local residents and summer visitors. Advanced students present solo recitals during the festival.

Participants of Past MWB Seasons...

Alessandra Mariano, USA

Anastasia Dulskiy, USA

Ariadne Maier, Sweden

Annie Xu, USA

Annie Wang, USA

Baoyu Wright, USA

Berenice Maier, Sweden

Berkcan Arslan, Turkey

Brenden Davis, USA

Caleb Darling, USA

Calvin Ly-Bishop, USA

Christian Sanders, Netherlands/USA

Dimitar Dimitrov, Bulgaria

Elen Snorrason, Bulgaria/Iceland

Elvire Boelee, Netherlands

Emir Ilgen, Turkey

Enrick Woo-Therrien, Canada

Eric Vaughn, USA

Evgeny Genchev, Bulgaria

Farshad Tahvildar-Zadeh, USA/Iran

George Xiu, USA/China

Gorsev Tepe, USA

Helen He, USA

Hristo Petrov, Bulgaria

Ilya Ishchenko, Russia

Isyl Kaya, Turkey

Josie DiPhilippo, USA

Kathryn Ly-Bishop, USA

Kevin Chen, USA

Lev Davydov, Russia

Liza Iselborn, USA

Marcos Edgar, USA

Maria Yovkova, Moldova

Mark Demidovich, Russia

Marlene McCarthy, USA

Maxine Park, USA

Mert Hakan Seker, Turkey

Natali Snorrason, Bulgaria/Iceland

Nataly Krykova, USA/Ukraine

Nathaniel Vilas, USA

Nell Britton, USA

Olga Volkova, Russia

Philipp Petkov, Bulgaria/Belarus

Robert Eisemann, USA

Robert Poortinga, Netherlands

Roxane Park, USA

Sam Vaughn, USA

Sebastian Iivonen, Sweden

Stephen Wang, USA

Tong Xu, China/USA

Valentina Toth, Netherlands/Hungary

Vasily Panteleev, Russia

Veselin Ninov, Bulgaria

Vivian Choi, Australia/South Korea

Vladimir Tyagunov, Russia

Tambi Cimuk, Tureky

William Bergesch, USA

Yaroslav Kolpakov, Russia

Yasemi Kotan, Turkey