Dear festival family, I mean both, the participants and our favorite guests,
It has been already the 14th, even virtual, but still real festival 2020.
Before we say good bye to everybody, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you, who made it possible, to Don Christie, our kindest supporter, to Vesko, who was such a great computer person, to put all videos on the site, being at the same time  one of the most favorite performers. I was so happy to be able to find a lot of video recordings from our past editions, to see our piano gang in the past. Our festival has a 14 years old history and we hope to continue, develop and to enjoy our music and share it with our dearest auditors.
And, of course, my special thanks to our veterans and newcomers. Such a pleasure to hear and see you all, where ever you are now. I tell you the names I never ever forget.
Newcomers are Nikita Igumenov and Peter Ishchenko (Russia), Alex and Alice Power (Sweden), Gabija Maknaviciene (Lithuania), Melinda Hu (USA), Gökay Özgür  (Turkey),
our guest artists Alex Pashkov (Mexico) and Margar Sedrakyan (Armenia),
Isil Kaya (Turkey-Germany), Lev Davydov (Russia), Enrick Woo Therrien (Canada), Ariadne and Berenice Maier (Sweden), Evan Huang (China-The USA), Mert Hakan Seker (Turkey), Lidia Maria Dias de Castro and Luis Dias Canali (Spain- Portugal - Germany), Veselin Ninov (Bulgaria - USA), Dimitar Dimitrov and Elvire Boelee ( Bulgaria - The Netherland), Evgeny Genchev (Bulgaria - England), Yaroslav Kolpakoff (Russia - The Nederland), Ilya Ishchenko (Russia - The USA), Kevin Chen (The USA), Sebastian Iivonen and Rasmus Johansson (Sweden), Robert Poortinga (The Nederland) and Meri Khojayan (Armenia- The Nederland), Alejandro del Rivera (The USA), Mark Demidovich (Russia - The USA), Christian Sanders ( The Nederland), Vasily Panteleev (Russia - The USA).


Hope, I did not forget anybody, but I will check.
This festival is really International and this is how it calls, Music without Borders, Music has no borders and does not need to be interpreted from Music to any other language.
Thank you all for your talents and your music, hope to hear you ALL next 2021 year!



Dear friends,

The time flies, and here are two last recital programs for July 28 and 29.
First of all, on the 25th of July you have heard Melinda Hu, Mila Filatova ‘s student. I know her since her 7 years old, every year she attended my master classes in Manchester, NH, and last year she successfully participated in the Festival of the Gulf in San Marco, Italy having my master classes during 10 days and performing at 3 recitals there. In 2020 we planned her visit to Bethel.
On July 29th you will hear one of the most talented and accomplished musicians of our time Margar Sedrakyan, professor of Armenian State Academy of Music, Yerevan. He won Grand Prix at María Yudina competition in St. Petersburg and at Bulgarian International competition “Hopes. Talents. Masters”. He is a deepest musician and I hope to invite him to Bethel as a guest artist in close future.
These surprises finally finish on the 29th of July. The last surprise will be an extra faculty recital on July 30.
We, Piano Gang, miss you badly and wish you to stay healthy and safe.
Still hope to see you in person as soon as possible. Thanks for your kind memories, love you all!!! ️️️️️



Dear Caleb, we haven't forgotten about you too! Happy birthday and wishing all the best and many happy rerturns. Hope we can celebrate again together in 2021.



Dear friends,
It seems to me that our festival keeps going and we still have the surprise, today, on July 22nd, we celebrate Mert’s birthday like we did last year.

Happy birthday, dear Mert, May all your dreams come true. You are turning 14, and it is a serious age already, more consciousness, responsibility, always good luck and success!

And today you will hear Love Herrdahl with Grieg Concerto, Elvire Boelee with Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and Kevin Chen with Liszt 6th Hungarian Rhapsody. Alice Power starts the program of the recital with Bach’s Partita no.4.



Dear ladies and gentlemen,
Today there are some new I would like to share with you.
You will hear today the piano duet of Elvire Boelee and Dimitar Dimitrov.
Sure, you remember them from the previous editions of the festival. Now they present you the videoclip with some popular pieces for piano duet. There is a special ensemble sense making two different musicians to play like one complete organism, enjoying the music and themselves.
Today we have a special day, usually we celebrated this day together.

Dear Lev, you are turning 18 years old, many fascinating returns of the day! Happy birthday!!!

And the last news, makes me proud of the duet of Robert Poortinga and Meri Khojayan joining us in some recital. They were lucky to present us a few years ago all Beethoven violin with piano sonatas within 3 concerts. It was really unforgettable!!!

So, enjoy, hope, you love it!



Dear friends,

Another surprise, Ariadne and Berenice Maier joined us today, even though they were so busy with all exams they had in Sweden and continuing now in Switzerland. I am so happy greeting them, welcome back, girls, we all missed you! Fortunately they had some old recordings to remind you what a fun we had all those years in Bethel.
Hope, you like it.




Dear friends,

The second week of “Music without Borders” is on, welcome.

Today you will listen to your well known festival participants, but I would like to introduce to you a new comer, Gabija Maknavičiūtė, from Klaipeda, Lithuania, she just graduated from Lithuanian State Academy of Music with honors and planned to come to Bethel. She won a lot of local and International competitions, performed in Georgia, Spain, Germany etc.

You will hear her not once during our virtual recitals, hope, you like her.

And one more participant from last year, Alejandro del Rivero. Sure, you recognize him. 

The further the more surprises come. Have a nice day!



About our Guest Artist:

Alex Pashkov was born in Leningrad, studied in Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory, performed in Russia, Finland, Switzerland, France, Germany etc.
Since 2005 lives in Morelia, Mexico, till 2011 taught in Morelia Conservatory, since 2011 teaches in Conservatorio National de Musica de Mexico OFICIAL at Catedra Francisco Araiza.
I know him more than 25 years, listened to his recitals, even played with him in St. Petersburg Mozart Concerto for 2 pianos with Orchestra.



Dear friends,

Just wanted to introduce to you, better to say, remind you about 2 last performers, Evgeny Genchev (Bulgaria-UK) and Mark Demidovich (Russia - US). Happy that they join us in the 14th edition of the festival. Our musical family is on!!! There are other surprises coming.





Dear ladies and gentlemen,


Just a few words about people you have never met before, in this festival.

Alexander Power, Sweden, is 14 years old. He is the brother of Alice Power, who already played on the 4th of July. They both were planning to join our festival 2020, but...

Anyway, this year you will hear from them not once, I am happy to see them at MWB.


Gökay Özgür is from Turkey, he is a very interesting young pianist, I worked with him in Bursa and invited him to Bethel. Hope, you like him.


Actually you know everybody else, but Lidia Maria Dias de Castro will play today with her younger brother, the talented cellist Luis Dias Canali.

On Wednesday I continue introducing next participants.


Have a good night and enjoy a new program.

Stay healthy and safe.

Lots of love.


Dear Bethel community, our dearest friends, ladies and gentlemen,

     Happy 4th of July!

It becomes a good tradition to celebrate the 4th of July together with “Music without Borders” participants.

Even now, when, due to Covid 19, we cannot communicate our usual way, we still would like to say how we miss all of you, how we miss our conversations after the recitals, home hospitalities and just air and atmosphere of Bethel, our real Paradise!

I would like to present the participants of our 4th of July concert program.
There are some very well known names, but there are new names as well.

As I see, it is impossible to put everybody in one recital program, so many they are. So, every recital I will introduce some new names.

Today you will hear Veselin Ninov(Bulgaria-The USA), Yaroslav Kolpakoff (Russia - The Netherlands), Ilya Ishchenko (Russia- The USA), Lev Davydov (Russia), Mert Hakan Seker (Turkey), Vasily Panteleev (Russia - The USA), Lidia Maria Dias de Castro (Spain-Portugal-Germany), Caleb Darling (The USA), Christian Sanders (The Netherlands), Isil Kaya (Turkey- Germany), Tambi Cimuk (Syria-Turkey) etc., so as unknown for you yet Love Herrdahl (Sweden), Alice Power (Sweden), Nikita Igumenov (Russia), Peter Ishchenko...
Some other names, both, known and unknown, come later next week.
Hope, you remember, I like surprises, just wait!

Find the links to our "Opening Night" program on the "2020 Virtual Recitals" tab.
Welcome to “Music without Borders” -2020.

Sincerely, Tamara Poddubnaya.