Dear Friends, I would like to say thanks to all our auditors, teachers, performers in my last greeting if it is not too late.

Just to remind you all names.


Selen Zehra Cekic, Turkey,

Asya Cekic, Turkey,

Ali Keski̇n, Turkey

Beren Eker, Turkey,

Stav Grinberg, Israel,

Alex Power, Sweden,

Alice Power, Sweden,

Isil Kaya, Germany/Bulgaria

Evan Huang, USA,

Can Sakkaoglu, Northern Cyprus,

Pelin Ece Acar, Northern Cyprus,

Mert Hakan Seker, Turkey,

Lev Davydov, Russia,

Nikita Igumenov, Russia,

Love Herrdahl, Sweden,

Ilya Ishchenko, Russia/USA,

Sebastian Iivonen, Sweden,

Philipp Petkov, Bulgaria/USA

Olga Turkina-Petkova, Mexico/USA,

Christian Sanders, Netherlands/USA

Elvire Boelee, Netherlands

Dimitar Dimitrov, Bulgaria/Netherlands

Rebecca Kao Wang, USA


Impressive Piano, Gang, isn’t it?



Dear friends. Our festival time is almost over. Today and tomorrow we have two last recitals. And we remind you that today we should celebrate Mark’s birthday. Many fascinating returns of the day, dear! Looking forward to see and hear you soon.

And today we add a new festival participant, Rebecca Kao Wang from California. Our piano gang wishes you all good health, be safe. 

And our special thanks to Vesko who puts our virtual recitals on the site. 

Don Christie, we appreciate everything you do for the festival and hope that next 2022 year we meet in Bethel we miss so much!



Dear friends,

We have a few recitals left and much more plans.

Maybe next week you will attend our traditional piano marathon at least to fit the repertoire  and to try it in new format online. It is just an idea, let’s see how it works.

By the way, this week we would celebrate three birthdays of our veterans, happy birthday to Lev Davydov, Mert Hakan Seker and Caleb Darling!

 Best wishes from our Bethel family.

Actually we all wish our dearest Lynne happy birthday as well!

Missing our in-person recitals, talks… Hope, our times come back soon, just be patient!

Lots of love.



Dear friends, as you probably noticed, time is flying and half of our festival is already done.

Two weeks left.

And today I would announce the series of solo recitals if we still have time.

Thank you for your kind comments, even though we really miss our in person concerts.

We still hope to continue up to the end of July 2021.

Wishing you all to stay healthy and safe.



And the additional information
About the newcomer from Northern Cyprus, Can(Djan)Sakkaoglu, 13 years old.
A very promising young pianist, from RUf Kasimov, the former teacher of Gorsev Tepe.
I guess you recognize everybody else.



Dear friends, 

I would like to introduce to you some newcomers.

Sisters Cekic, Asya and Selen Zehra, 5 years old, Ali Keskin, 7 years old, all three of them are students of Elena Cekic, the former teacher of Mert Hakan and Tambi Djimuk. She works very hard and does a great job with very young kids.

And the amendment for Don’s information about Alex Power, his sister Alice was accepted to Paris Conservatoire Superior, not him, he is too young yet.

Have a nice evening with our “Piano gang”

Always missing you all, lots of love


Dear friends,
Today I am presenting some of newcomers and veterans. We start with Stav Grinberg from Israel who recently won 3 international competitions in Tenerife, Germany and Sweden, he already is 9 years old and is a very promising young musician. Hope you recognize the second performer Alexandre Power from last year, so as Evan Huang. Next is Love Herrdahl from Sweden, he is 15, he won several international competitions in Sweden.I am not sure if you recognize Lev Davydov, he also is in a very good shape working hard and keeping winning a lot of competitions. The last piano-violin duet from Lithuania just a week ago won Grand Prix at the festival-competition “Impressions” in Lithuania.
This is all for now.
To be continued…




Dear friends and followers of Music Without Borders 2021,
The time came, and we still present the virtual recitals for the remained days of July, as usual , on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
Today, on the 4th of July, we decided to publish our last in present recitals we recorded on July 28 2019 in our favorite hall in Bethel. Just to remind how it was...
We will continue to introduce our newcomers, confirming how international our festival is. You will hear our veterans and newcomers, starting on Tuesday.
Thank you for staying with us so many years, hope you like our programs. Have a nice time watching our videos. Missing you all,
Heartfully yours, Tamara
Sincerely, Tamara Poddubnaya.